Property Management

Property Management

Please find a summary of the services we offer you as part of our management package. However we are prepared to provide you with any additional requirements you might have. Just ask!

  •     Listing your property on our rentals website (images, description)
  •     Inventory taking
  •     Making (and keeping) your property rental ready
  •     Key holding
  •     Advertisement
  •     Visits with potential tenants
  •     Legal tenancy contracts in both English and Spanish
  •     Transfer utility contracts to tenants name
  •     Monitor timely rent and utility payments
  •     Organizing any repairs and replacement needs
  •     Taking references and proof of employment / income

Additional Services

  •     Mortgages
  •     Insurance
  •     Translations
  •     Town Hall visits
  •     Attending AGM community meeting.

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